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We excel in making arrangements for interpreters proficient in the languages of ASEAN countries, including Indonesian and Malay. We leverage our experience and network with interpreters to choose professionals best suited to the setting, whether it is a meeting or business talks. Working with highly skilled, experienced interpreters eliminates the language barrier and achieves true international communication. We can make arrangements for services such as simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, court interpretation and sightseeing guides both throughout Japan and in overseas locations.

Areas Covered:

・International conferences ・Seminars ・Events ・Meetings ・Business talks
・Various escort interpretation, etc.

Languages Covered:

・Indonesian ・Khmer ・Thai ・Malay ・Vietnamese ・Burmese ・Lao ・Chinese
・English, etc.


Outstanding translators proficient in various fields are available to provide translation services that meet your needs, from consultation to delivery. We also handle rare languages, so feel free to contact us no matter your needs.

Areas Covered:

・Various contracts ・Official gazettes ・Legal documents ・Government regulations
・Medical certificates ・Radio Act ・Auction Act ・Medical documents
・Judicial documents ・Mediation ・Settlements
・Economics ・Technology ・Educational programs ・Medical welfare
・Automotive documents ・Video translation ・Transcription ・Manga translation ・Books ・Tourism, etc.

Languages Covered:

・Indonesian ・Khmer ・Thai ・Malay ・Vietnamese ・Burmese ・Lao ・Chinese
・English, etc.

Business Expansion Support

We help small and medium-sized companies expand business to ASEAN countries, centering on Indonesia. Our marketing services research competitors and conduct industry marketing research using PAsia’s own network. We also provide market research services by partnering with Syno Japan Inc., a firm that specializes in overseas quantitative/qualitative investigation, in order to offer real, valuable information from an international business perspective.

In addition, along with offering accurate information on matters such as sales, report creation, translation of materials, and business negotiations, we conduct speedy negotiations through solid support that includes introducing local partner companies. Other related services such as on-site inspections (industrial park areas, etc.), interpreting, overnight accommodations, and transportation arrangements provide comprehensive backup for overseas expansion.

Event Organizer

In Japan and abroad, we work with entities including government agencies, banks, and municipalities to carry out business meetings that match Japanese companies with overseas companies, and plan and run trade show events. We organize match ups, make arrangements for venues in Japan and abroad, schedule adjustments, and offer general office management. PASIA provides a wide range of support commensurate with needs, including escorting, interpreting, welcome/farewell, overnight accommodations, and local sightseeing.

You can expect speedy negotiations from business match ups to sales expansion and product sales.:

・Information gathering on overseas local markets ・Support for import/export sales expansion
・Searching for joint venture JV partners ・Technological tie-ups, etc.


・Automotive ・IT ・Food/beverage ・Agriculture ・Apparel ・Cosmetics
・Anime (Japanese contents) ・Medical devices, etc.

Indonesia One-Stop Service

We have our branch office in Jakarta and work closely with government agencies, banks, including industrial park. Through our network and experiences, we can support everything you need in Indonesia, such as market research, regulation research, VISA application, make an appointment with local companies or government, car rental, interpreter and attendant arrangement, etc.

Our project example:

・Market research regarding products or services to more than 200 local companies
・Price survey regarding a certain products
・Survey regarding Indonesian labor regulations
・Business trip support (making an appointment, car rental, interpreter arrangement)
・Joint venture company establishment support (automotive industry, packaging, etc.)

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